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Furnace Repair Experts' Do's & Don'ts of Heating May 24, 2018

Union, Montgomery
Furnace Repair Experts' Do's & Don'ts of Heating, Union, Ohio

As a homeowner, it’s important that you know how to maintain the systems that keep your house comfortable. That means taking care of your HVAC system and getting furnace repairs as necessary. To keep your system running smoothly, Advanced Heating Cooling and Refrigeration in Union, OH, offers the same advice they tell their customers.


Use an energy-efficient HVAC system.

If your furnace is over 10 years old, it’s time to consider getting a replacement. This will help you avoid emergency calls to a furnace repair company and improve your energy efficiency. You’ll also save money on utility bills because you’ll need less electricity to heat your home.

Get yearly duct cleanings.

furnace repairIf your HVAC system features ducts, you should clean them annually. Cleaning will remove dust, pollen, animal dander, fur, hair, and other potential contaminants that can reduce the air quality in your home and even slow down or clog up your heating system.


Wait to turn the heat on until it’s cold.

It’s crucial that you have a furnace repair company perform a heating inspection every year before you turn on your heat. Do this a month before you’ll need it so that you know your HVAC is in working order.

Turn the heat on and off.

Some homeowners try to save money by turning their heat off during the day and cranking it up when they get home at night. In reality, this means losing all the heat you’ve built up and potentially even freezing your pipes. Furnace repair specialists recommend keeping the heat on around the clock during the colder months. Even setting it to a low temperature will reduce the time it takes to warm up your home and prevent cold damage.

Your furnace will be in top shape and ready to make your home comfortable if you follow the guidance above. If you need an inspection, an HVAC installation, or furnace repairs, call Advanced Heating Cooling and Refrigeration at (937) 654-2276. Visit the website for information on their 24/7 emergency service and other offerings, including free estimates and warranties to ensure that you’re getting the best quality work within your budget.

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