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Driver's Ed Instructors Explain How to Drive Safely on the Highway May 25, 2018

South Weymouth, Weymouth Town
Driver's Ed Instructors Explain How to Drive Safely on the Highway, Weymouth Town, Massachusetts

Driving provides teenagers with a sense of independence, but it's also a huge responsibility. According to the team at New England Driving School in Weymouth and Hanover, MA, one of the biggest concerns of many of their students is driving on major highways because of the higher speeds. Below, the driver's ed instructors explain how to tackle highway driving in the safest way possible.

How to Prepare for Highway Driving

Before you can conquer the highway, you need to become comfortable behind the wheel. The only way to achieve this is with practice. Experience is everything when it comes to safe driving, so it's vital to practice regularly until your comfort level increases.

You should also consider seeking professional assistance. Driving classes allow you to learn in a safe and secure setting. Not only will you learn safety tips, but you'll also gain on-the-road experience with the assistance of an expert. Your driver's ed instructor will correct mistakes on the spot and answer all of your questions. For most drivers, this process provides a sense of confidence that's needed to become comfortable behind the wheel.

How to Drive Safely on the Highway

driver's edOnce you're comfortable with the thought of highway driving, it's time to put your skills to use. During your first attempt, avoid jumping right into the passing lane. Instead, stay in the right lane until you feel secure with driving at the increased speed. Driver's ed instructors also suggest shunning potential distractions, like the radio, and turning your cell phone off ahead of time to prevent any mid-drive disruptions.

While on the highway, remember to utilize the safe driving instructions. These methods include regular rear view and side mirror checks as well as constant speed monitoring. When you're comfortable enough to switch lanes for the purpose of passing other vehicles, check your blind spots and always use a turn signal.

Highway driving can be stressful, but with a little time and preparation, you will conquer the challenge with ease. Get professional assistance today by turning to the driver's ed instructors at New England Driving School. The Norfolk County training school provides thorough classroom and behind-the-wheel training to teenage and adult students. From the best safety practices to understanding the laws, you'll receive a well-rounded education to keep you safe on the road. Sign up for one of the driving school's courses today by visiting them online or calling (781) 337-1003.

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