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A Simple Guide to Carpet Stretching May 24, 2018

Southeast Warren, Warren
A Simple Guide to Carpet Stretching, Warren, Indiana

Most homeowners understand the need for a good carpet cleaning now and then, but some damages need more than stain removal. Carpeting experiences a lot of wear and tear through the years, causing it to pull away from the tacking that secures it to the subfloor. Seams can also separate, tacking strips can become damaged, and the carpet can lose its tautness, all of which will cause wrinkles or bubbles in your flooring. When this happens, you should hire a professional to stretch your carpet back into place.

What Is Carpet Stretching?

Carpet stretching is the process of re-securing your carpet to the subfloor by stretching it tighter along the perimeter of a room and applying new anchors. A professional flooring company or carpet cleaning service will have the proper tools and training to complete this repair. It is not advised that homeowners attempt a fix without professional help because improper stretching can cause more damage to a carpet, which will ultimately lead to a full flooring replacement.

carpet cleaningHow Do Professionals Stretch Carpet?

A professional will start by examining your carpeting to determine whether stretching is the best solution. In some cases, you can have your carpet re-seamed instead. If stretching is necessary, an installer will place new tacking strips and use tools like a power kicker to stretch the carpet into place. They may need to trim the edges for a proper fit, but the result should be like-new flooring.

What Are the Signs Carpet Needs Stretching?

The most obvious signs that your carpet needs stretching are wrinkles, lumpiness, or rippling. Other signs include edges pulling up from the floor and seams that have unraveled. If your carpet doesn’t lay flat or smooth across the floor, consult a professional carpeting service. An installer can spot other less obvious reasons to have your carpet stretched.


Those who recognize signs of loose or gapping carpeting should contact Integrity Carpet Care, LLC. Based in Indianapolis, IN, their team offers more than carpet cleaning services. The family-owned and -operated business offers a wide variety of services to clean, repair, or replace your flooring or upholstery. Whether you need upholstery or carpet cleaning, their team can help. Call (317) 730-2570 or visit them online to get a free quote.

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