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5 Best Productivity Apps for Your Apple® Devices May 24, 2018

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5 Best Productivity Apps for Your Apple® Devices, Akron, Ohio

From professionals who skip lunch just to make their deadlines to students who pull all-night study sessions, it’s clear that modern society places a lot of pressure on productivity. While technology is designed to help you get a little more of your time back, many find it’s still difficult to battle distractions and maintain a strong work-life balance. If you count yourself among those individuals, here are a few productivity-boosting apps you might want to consider adding to your Apple® devices for some much-needed relief.  

5 Apps for Apple Devices That Can Help You Become More Productive

1. Google Docs

Whether you need to create a standard text document, spreadsheet, or slideshow presentation, Google Docs makes the process wildly simple. In addition to creating documents, it allows you to easily share and store files via Google Drive. You can even contribute to files simultaneously with other users to streamline remote work activities.  

2. aText

apple devicesSimilar to the functionality of autocorrect, aText is an app for Mac® users that can help you write faster. Essentially, this program learns the way you write, so it can finish your sentences and fill in words to speed up typing.

3. Blinkist

If you love learning through nonfiction books, you might have trouble keeping up with the many titles that are released every week—no matter how interesting they seem. Blinkist is an iOS® app that studies these books and condenses them into an easy-to-read format, so you can get the gist of the book in a matter of minutes. It will even read summaries, so you can learn hands-free while on the road!

4. Todoist

Since 2007, Todoist has made creating to-do lists an easy task. Available on all major Apple devices, this intuitive program allows you to create step-by-step lists to accomplish larger goals, prioritize tasks, and create a balanced schedule, so you can tackle the week with confidence.  

5. Forest

To become truly productive, you must build habits that create long-term balance in your life. Forest—an iOS app—helps with this process by timing your activities. If you stay focused and avoid looking at your iPhone®, the app will grow a tree for you that will become part of a bigger forest—a visual representation of how productive you’ve been over time.


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