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3 Tips for Keeping Your Car Safe in Auto Storage May 25, 2018

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3 Tips for Keeping Your Car Safe in Auto Storage, Anchorage, Alaska

Whether you’re planning a trip out of the country or only drive on rare occasions, putting your car in auto storage will keep the investment safe until it’s needed. From how to prepare the car for storage to whether to park in an enclosed area, there are several details to think about to ensure the vehicle remains out of harm’s way. 

Auto Storage Steps You Should Follow 

Opt for Indoor Auto Storage

Although some facilities provide reserved parking lots or canopied areas for auto storage, store your ride indoors. Similar to a garage, the room or unit will keep the car protected from heavy rain and snowfall, high-speed winds, and other harsh weather conditions. Keeping the car in a secure, enclosed area also reduces the likelihood of vandalism or theft.

Wash the Car Before Placing It in Storage

Anchorage-Alaska-auto-storageAlthough you might not plan to drive for a while, you should still get the car professionally cleaned before putting it away in auto storage. Otherwise, bird droppings, water stains, and additional caked-on grime will eventually break down the paint and corrode the auto body. Make sure the car is completely dry before placing a tarp over it or putting it in a storage unit. This will reduce the likelihood of rust forming on the metal. 

Add Gas to the Tank

If you plan to store the car for 30 days or longer, add gas to the tank beforehand. Topping off the fuel tank will prevent the seals from drying out and excessive moisture buildup in the container. Adding fuel stabilizer when filling up the tank will also stop the engine from rusting and the gas from deteriorating in storage.


If you need a safe place to house your car or additional belongings, look to International Self Storage in Anchorage, AK, for help. With on-site personnel and reliable security, you can take comfort in knowing your items will remain safe until you need them. To learn more about auto storage options available in Anchorage, call (907) 563-3287 to speak with a representative. Visit the self-storage facility online to discover why you can trust the team to watch over your belongings, and like them on Facebook for announcements.  

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