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3 Reasons to Invest in New Home Siding May 25, 2018

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Reasons to Invest in New Home Siding, Lincoln, Nebraska

Siding is like a home’s suit of armor. The materials not only keep the building infrastructure safe, but they also help insulate. If your home siding has fallen into disrepair, there are plenty of reasons to replace it. Here are three scenarios where a new facade is in your best interest

3 Reasons You Need New Home Siding 

1. Keep House Infrastructure Protected

Lincoln-Nebraska-sidingFrom joists to support beams, much of a building’s crucial infrastructure is made of timber. Wood is naturally porous, so when left unprotected it is vulnerable to rot from prolonged exposure. Siding safeguards against this threat, keeping rain, snow, and harsh winds from compromising the structural integrity of your home.   

2. Reduce Energy Costs 

If you’ve noticed a steady increase in home energy costs, the condition of siding could be to blame. Some materials disintegrate over time and no longer adequately insulate the home. As a result, HVAC equipment has to work harder, which your monthly bill will reflect. New siding will prevent air loss and heat transfer. 

3. Boost Curb Appeal & Resale Value

A dingy or faded exterior can make the entire house look old and unkempt, so new siding will also boost the aesthetic appeal of your property. This update will also help secure a better asking price should you ever put the house on the market. 


If you want to increase the comfort, value, appeal, and safety of your home with new siding, contact Innovations Siding & Windows in Lincoln, NE. The friendly and helpful office staff and skilled installers are happy to fill you in on how their steel siding solutions will boost home efficiency and lower maintenance costs. To schedule a service appointment, call (402) 423-­8831. Visit them online for product details, and follow them on Facebook for announcements. 

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