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Acupuncture Therapy For Pain Management May 15, 2015

Kent, King
Acupuncture Therapy For Pain Management, Kent, Washington

For centuries, acupuncture therapy has been recognized for its remarkable healing capabilities with a number of significant and chronic illnesses. This ancient type of traditional Chinese medicine can have positive results for those seeking relief from conditions as varied as fertility problems, anxiety, arthritis, headaches, and many more. 3T Acupuncture Clinic is the foremost acupuncture treatment facility in the Kent and Puyallup, Washington areas, and they look forward to welcoming you to their practice and addressing your pain issues.

Acupuncture has consistently been shown to be one of the most effective approaches to pain management in all of complementary medicine. There are virtually no side effects from acupuncture, and it is, of course, a completely drug-free method of treatment. 

Many find acupuncture for arthritis, migraines, anxiety, and other painful, debilitating conditions to be extremely helpful. Acupuncture works on the ancient Chinese principle that there is a life force energy called Qi that flows through the body; when Qi is blocked, health problems arise. Acupuncture opens up these blockages and restores balance to the body and mind through the painless insertion of small, special needles into various parts of the body. Most who receive acupuncture report, at the very least, experiencing great relaxation and rejuvenation while receiving treatment.

Trust this effective approach to pain management, and contact 3T Acupuncture Clinic today. You can call (253) 850-1111 or visit their website to schedule your appointment. Take the first steps to experiencing the many acupuncture benefits, and put your care into the compassionate, skilled hands of 3T Acupuncture.

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