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How a Medical Misdiagnosis Affects You August 20, 2018

Dothan, Houston
How a Medical Misdiagnosis Affects You , Dothan, Alabama

Personal injury law covers a wide variety of events, including medical misdiagnosis. Misdiagnosis cases occur frequently and include prescription medication mistake and surgery on the wrong body part. Here are ways that these negligent acts can lead to serious consequences for unsuspecting patients.

Effects of Medical Misdiagnosis

Delayed Treatment

When a doctor misdiagnoses symptoms of illness or disease, there’s a delay in receiving the proper drugs or medications to stop or slow the condition’s progress until the proper diagnosis is made. Physicians may order the right tests but misread the results, and then prescribe treatment that is ineffective or causes more harm, which leads to personal injury claims.

Unnecessary Treatment

personal-injury-Dothan-ALMisdiagnosis often leads to prescribing treatment the patient does not need. Unnecessary treatment or surgery costs time and money and takes a physical and emotional toll on patients. At the same time, the illness or disease remains untreated. When they finally discover the condition, it may be at a point when treatment is less effective or impossible.

Permanent Personal Injury or Wrongful Death

Medical misdiagnoses can lead to permanent personal injury or wrongful death. A physician can misdiagnose a rampant infection or signs of a heart problem and send a patient home from the emergency room. Such mistakes have catastrophic and fatal consequences. An undiagnosed infection can lead to the need for an amputation, a stroke or permanent disability, or death if the patient doesn’t receive the correct medical attention for a treatable condition.


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