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iPhone® Repair Experts Explain What to Do if Your Device Gets Wet May 23, 2018

Cedar Grove-Lynbrook, 6
iPhone® Repair Experts Explain What to Do if Your Device Gets Wet, 6, Louisiana

It eventually happens to everybody, no matter how careful you are. You could spill a glass of water, knock your phone into a sink, or leave your digital device out in the rain. No matter how it happens, it could result in expensive iPhone® repairs if you don't take immediate steps to remedy the situation. Experimac South Shreveport, northwestern Louisiana's premier iPod®, MacBook®, and iPhone repair service, shares a few ways you can attempt to prevent a total loss of the device and the data it contains.

What Should You Do if Your iPhone Gets Wet?

1. Remove It From Water

iPhone repairThe sooner you remove the device from the water, the better luck you'll have to prevent irreparable damage. Often, it only takes a few seconds for the water to penetrate the case and reach the sensitive electronics inside. Wrap it in a clean towel immediately to remove excess moisture.

2. Turn Off the Device & Remove the Battery

Turn off the device immediately to prevent short-circuiting that could fry the system. Then, remove and dry the battery to try and fix the issue.

3. Remove Data & SIM Cards

If they are accessible to you, remove the data card and subscriber identity module (SIM) card. These are where much of your data, contacts, photos, and other files are stored, so you want to dry them off as quickly as possible to prevent any loss.

4. Take Off Cover

Remove any covers, protective sleeves, headphone jacks, and other external devices. This will let air flow as freely as possible into the device to facilitate drying.

5. Dry With a Clean Cloth

Gently jiggle the device to shake free any trapped moisture, and then dry thoroughly with a clean cloth.

6. Use a Hand Vacuum or Compressed Air

A small hand vacuum will help pull residual moisture from within the device. If you do not have a hand vacuum, a can of compressed air might also help.

7. Place in a Bag of Rice

Fill a small sandwich bag with a half cup to 1 cup of rice. Place the device in the bag and nestle it into the rice. Seal it for 24 hours, and the rice will soak up any moisture trapped in the bag with it.

8. Replace the Battery & Restart Device

After a day in the rice, replace the battery and restart the device. Hopefully, the phone or tablet will start without a problem and continue operating normally.

If the steps above do not solve the problem, contact a reputable tablet and iPhone repair shop for help. Experimac South Shreveport in Louisiana fields a talented team of professionals who will, if possible, bring your digital device back to life. The store also has a variety of MacBook laptops and other Apple® products for sale. Call (318) 383-0644 to schedule an appointment, or visit them online to see other ways they can fix your iPhone.

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