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5 Essential Pieces of Restaurant Equipment May 16, 2018

Campbellsville, Taylor
5 Essential Pieces of Restaurant Equipment, Campbellsville, Kentucky

If you’re building a commercial kitchen, you need some heavy-duty restaurant equipment to keep up with the demand you’ll be facing. While the details may vary between kitchens, there are a few basics every restaurant needs. Here are the most common types of cooking equipment you’ll want to buy for your facility.

Basic Restaurant Equipment You Need

1. Fridges & Freezers

No matter what you’re cooking, you’ll need space to store your ingredients and finished dishes. You’ll probably want multiple commercial freezers and refrigerators to help you stay organized.

2. Ranges

Next, you need somewhere to cook food. A series of large kitchen ranges with multiple burners means you can have several dishes cooking at once, which is an absolute must in a fast-paced restaurant kitchen.

3. Ovens

Restaurant EquipmentNot every dish can be cooked on the stove. Multiple ovens help if you need to bake many types of food at several different temperatures, and it also provides a possibility for keeping items hot when necessary.

4. Sinks

Sinks may be needed for prep work, cleaning, or water supply for cooking. Just like your cold storage, you’ll want several sink locations throughout your kitchen for different purposes.

5. Mixers, Slicers & More

Your other kitchen requirements will depend on exactly what foods you’re preparing and in what quantities. For example, if you’ll be baking a lot, you may need several large mixers for preparing dough and batters. Those who need considerable amounts of deli meats may benefit from a slicer or two.


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