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The Benefits of Gardening According to Ohio's Senior Home Care Experts May 23, 2018

Northgate, Colerain
The Benefits of Gardening According to Ohio's Senior Home Care Experts, Colerain, Ohio

June is National Gardening Month, which means it’s the perfect time to get outside and start a new garden with your loved ones. And, as one of the most popular activities among older individuals, gardening can be a fantastic way to bond with elderly relatives. Even the experts at Visiting Angels - Cincinnati West, the leading senior home care service in Ohio, are excited to get outside this month. Here, they explain why this hobby can be so important for you and the senior in your life.

Senior Home Care Service on Why You Should Get Outside With Elderly Loved Ones

The Benefits of Gardening

senior home careGardening can offer many benefits for older individuals, as it promotes better health and happiness. For example, gardening is considered a form of exercise. Because many individuals find it entertaining and enjoyable, they are more likely to get the exercise they need each day. This can help increase their activity levels, which is often associated with enhanced flexibility and mobility.

In addition, this hobby encourages older individuals to use and continually develop their fine motor skills. As a result, they’ll typically experience enhanced stamina, endurance, and even strength. Plus, this activity can help reduce stress, aid in relaxation, and allow these individuals get some much-needed fresh air. They can even benefit from the healthy produce they’ll grow in the garden.

Great Activities for Older Individuals

 If you want to take up gardening with your senior loved one, make sure you split tasks based on ability. For example, older individuals tend to enjoy simple tasks like planting, digging, watering, and harvesting the produce. Heavy lifting of fertilizer and other tools, however, should be left to you or any young individual that’s helping out.

Spending time with your elderly loved ones is important and gardening is one of the best ways to get outside together. And, when your loved one requires the help of senior home care services, turn to the experts at Visiting Angels - Cincinnati West. They have served the west side of Cincinnati for more than nine years. With a team of caring and compassionate caregivers, these assisted living professionals are dedicated to meeting the needs of you and your loved one. To learn more about how they can help you, give them a call today at (513) 598-6770.  Or, visit their website for more information.