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Top 3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Boiler System May 23, 2018

Boston, Boston, MA
Top 3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Boiler System, Boston, Massachusetts

Many industrial buildings, including schools, warehouses, office buildings, and apartment complexes, rely on commercial boiler systems as an effective solution for heating. Because so many people in these buildings are dependent on the system to stay warm in winter, it’s important to ensure its functionality – even during the off-season. After all, it’s far more convenient to replace a broken boiler in the summer than waiting for it to fail in the middle of a blizzard.

How to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Boiler System

1. Age

Like most mechanical appliances, boiler systems do not last forever. However, the life span of your system will depend on what type it is. For instance, condensing boilers will usually last about 15 years, while cast iron units may last more than 30 years. If your boiler is old and nearing the end of its life span, now’s the time to consider replacing it.

2. Inefficiency

boiler systemEven if your boiler has not reached an old age, it may become far less efficient than usual. This can lead to rising energy costs, which usually indicates that the system is not working at its full capacity. If you notice a sudden spike in these monthly energy bills, the system should be replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll face rising costs and quite a few repairs soon.

3. Noise

As the boiler ages, it may begin to make loud and strange sounds, such as banging and clanging. If you hear these noises, have the system inspected as soon as possible. It is most likely being caused by a blockage or pressure issue that could necessitate the entire system being replaced. 


If you notice any of these signs, have the boiler system inspected as soon as possible. And, the experts at New England Combustion Products offer the services necessary to keep your employees, students, or building tenants comfortable year round. Serving the New England community since 1976, they offer only the highest quality combustion products, as well as boiler installation services to ensure your system is connected correctly. To learn more about how they can help you, give them a call today at (781) 337-8888 or visit their website.

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