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3 Care Tips to Prevent Damaging Solid-Wood Furniture May 23, 2018

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3 Care Tips to Prevent Damaging Solid-Wood Furniture, Anchorage, Alaska

Placing a few pieces of solid-wood furniture throughout a home makes the interior look more refined. However, although wood is highly durable, the material can crack, fade, or warp when exposed to certain conditions. To ensure your investments remain out of harm’s way, here are three care tips for this kind of furniture.

3 Ways to Care for Solid-Wood Furniture

1. Monitor Indoor Humidity Levels & Temperature

When humidity levels are high in the home, or the indoor temperature drastically changes, solid-wood furniture will expand and contract. Over time, this movement will weaken the structural integrity of the items. Monitoring the conditions in your space will reduce the likelihood of furniture damage. Ideally, in homes with wooden furniture, humidity levels should be kept around at 30 to 45%. You can use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air. Keeping the thermostat programmed between 60 and 80 degrees will also prevent damage from temperature fluctuations.

2. Use Non-Abrasive Cleaning Products

Anchorage-Alaska-solid-wood-furnitureAlthough warm water and mild soap will remove light dirt from solid-wood furniture, you might need stronger products to remove more stuck-on grime. When choosing what products to use, stay away from chemical solutions with abrasive ingredients, as they can scrape or scuff the furniture finish. Products with ammonia or silicone should also be avoided, as they could discolor or deteriorate the items.

3. Keep Solid-Wood Furniture Away From Sunlight

If you often open curtains to flood interiors with natural lighting, it’s important to keep solid-wood furniture in more shaded areas. Ultraviolet rays can fade the wood and finish materials, so keep these items out of direct sunlight. Artificial light can also cause fading, so be mindful of placing wooden furniture near fluorescent light fixtures. 


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