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4 Tips on How to Incorporate a Midi Skirt Into Your Wardrobe June 13, 2018

Co-Op City, Bronx
4 Tips on How to Incorporate a Midi Skirt Into Your Wardrobe, Bronx, New York

The next time you go shopping, you might come across a midi skirt, one of today’s major fashion trends. People of any age can rock this fun look with a little help and inspiration. If you’re searching for tips on how to wear a midi skirt, the style experts at The Mall at Bay Plaza in the Bronx share some ideas so you can don this popular piece.

4 Midi Skirt Style Tips

1. Choose the Perfect Length

Midi skirts sit at your natural waist and come in many lengths. You can wear a longer one for a dressed up occasion like a date or a day at the museum. Or, go for a more casual summertime style with a shorter skirt that stops above the knees. Consider the season and your plans for the day before deciding on what length of skirt to wear. 

2. Go Casual or Dressy

shopping Bronx NYDepending on the type of material, you can dress up or dress down a midi skirt. For a night out, velvet and tulle are excellent options. If you’re looking for a more daytime style, choose a midi in cotton or chambray.

3. Pick Your Hues

Next, choose a color scheme. You may go with a patterned crop top and solid skirt to attend a party with friends and family. Add a solid-colored button-down shirt to a patterned midi for a fun work outfit.  

4. Pair the Skirt With Some Dreamy Shoes

Midi skirts are typically shorter than floor length. This provides an excellent opportunity to show off some cute shoes. When you go shopping, look for a pair that will stand out, like some lace-up flats or bright platform heels.

Add some accessories like a cute purse, a headscarf, and some jewelry to complete your midi skirt look. When you’re ready to try out this trendy style, head to The Mall at Bay Plaza. To check out which fashion stores have midi skirts at the largest shopping center in New York City, call (718) 208-2750. Visit the website for information on their 100 specialty shops and restaurants and to learn their store hours. The mall is fully enclosed, so it’s the perfect place to spend time shopping when it’s hot out this summer.

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