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What You Need to Know About Credit Counseling & Debt Management May 23, 2018

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What You Need to Know About Credit Counseling & Debt Management , Melville, New York

There’s no denying that credit cards make covering your expenses easy. However, because they’re so easy to use, they can get you into trouble very quickly. Once your debt builds up, getting free from the high-interest payments and ever-growing balance can feel impossible. Credit counseling and debt management programs can help you recover your good credit score and reduce your overall debt. However, if you’ve never researched them before, you may have a few questions. 

What Is Credit Counseling & Debt Management?

Both credit counseling and debt management are programs designed to help you pay down debt built up on your credit cards or through personal loans while rebuilding your credit score. This is done by implementing smart payment strategies and helping you learn proper budgeting techniques to keep you out of debt in the long-term. Debt management may not help you lower the full amount you owe your credit company, but it can reduce your interest rates to make payments more reasonable.

Credit CounselingCredit counselors will work with you to implement a solid repayment strategy and help you avoid debt in the future. They act as your advocate with your creditors, representing your best interests and helping lower your interest rates, reduce fees, and consolidate your debt. Once you’re done paying down existing balances, they’ll continue supporting you as you rebuild your credit score and develop good habits that will allow you to be a responsible credit user for the rest of your life.

When Should You Use It?

Anyone that’s concerned with their outstanding credit card debt can enroll in a debt management and credit counseling program. Keep in mind that while you’re repaying your debt, you cannot put new charges on a card or open a new personal credit line with another lender. For individuals with lower outstanding debts, the program may be less beneficial than for people who have maxed out their card and struggled to pay down the balance.


Considering signing up for credit counseling? Contact the team at You’re Approved in Melville, NY. Their experienced credit management team will work with you to reduce your outstanding debt and create a fair and simple repayment strategy so you can become debt-free. Let their experienced staff help you learn to manage your credit and get back on track financially today. Learn more about their services online and call (631) 683-3303 to schedule a consultation.

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