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Updating Your Home Décor? Here Are 3 Benefits of Glass Table Tops May 25, 2018

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Updating Your Home Décor? Here Are 3 Benefits of Glass Table Tops, Rochester, New York

When you want attractive and functional living room décor, glass table tops are excellent options for a new kitchen or living room table. They offer a timeless style and a luxurious appearance. Here are some more advantages to buying them for the home. 

Why You Should Purchase Glass Table Tops

1. Minimal Upkeep

glass table topGlass is easy to clean; all you need is a gentle cleanser and cloth to wipe it down. Additionally, glass is relatively inexpensive to replace if it cracks or breaks in any way. Instead of buying a brand-new table, you can simply replace the glass top and enjoy a fresh, new look.

2. Matches Anything

In modern homes, glass offers a sleek and streamlined aesthetic. For earthy, rustic homes, you can outfit glass tops on organic materials to create a bold conversation piece. You can custom design a table top to match the interior of the house perfectly, whether it’s for a round dining table or a small stand with clean lines.

3. Protects Underlying Wood

Glass table tops also provide added protection when it rests on a wood base. Wood is susceptible to many threats, including damage from direct sunlight. This material can also absorb moisture from spills, which is a likely occurrence with kitchen tables. A glass overlay can preserve the life of the wood base and prevent any serious damage for many years. 


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