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3 Perks of Joining Your Local Chamber of Commerce May 22, 2018

Versailles, Woodford
3 Perks of Joining Your Local Chamber of Commerce, Versailles, Kentucky

As a business owner, you may find yourself constantly looking for ways to improve efforts while also overcoming financial challenges. It’s important to connect with your community for support, as well as to provide it, and joining the local chamber of commerce is a great way to begin. You’ll find several advantages, ranging from the relationships you build to the collective goals you meet, and enjoy the accomplishment of helping the community grow.

3 Benefits of Joining Your Local Chamber of Commerce

1. Networking

Whether you’re in a big city or small town, it’s important to know your fellow business owners. Not only does this tighten the community—it also allows you to work together and learn from one another. In many cases, you may find ways to work together that provide financial gain to everyone and having connections may lead to lucrative opportunities beyond the community.

2. Marketing

chamber-of-commerce-woodford-county-chamber-of-commerceJoining the chamber of commerce is a great way to get your name out there. Whether you’re an established business owner or just starting out, you’ll find a variety of marketing resources through a local chamber of commerce, as well as through the connections you make. This is invaluable for growing a business and will help you avoid a lot of trial and error that comes with learning marketing on your own.

3. Helping the Community

Building a successful business is something to be proud of, but it won’t outmatch the pride of knowing that you’re contributing to the growth and prosperity of the community. The chamber of commerce is devoted to building initiatives to help the community thrive as a whole, and as an integral member, you can enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with helping others.


Woodford County Chamber of Commerce is proud to manage and contribute to the economy of Versailles, KY. For over 80 years, they’ve helped strengthen their community through collaboration and support and invite business owners to take part to actualize the county’s vision. Call (859) 873-5122 today to speak with a representative about membership in the chamber of commerce and visit their website and Facebook page to learn about their business development and business networking initiatives.