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3 Marriage Counseling Tips for a Stronger, Healthier Union May 24, 2018

Highland, St. Paul
3 Marriage Counseling Tips for a Stronger, Healthier Union, St. Paul, Minnesota

It’s no secret that a marriage takes work. While things often appear rosy at the outset, for a couple to have real longevity, both parties must actively work toward the common goal of creating a loving relationship brimming with mutual respect and fondness. As a trusted provider of marriage counseling services in Saint Paul, MN, Dr. Joelle Kallio Clinical Psychologist recommends the following advice for couples looking to strengthen their union.

These 3 Marriage Counseling Tips Can Forge a Stronger Relationship

1. Be Gracious

When you’re with a person for a long period, it’s common to take them for granted. However, this can build up in lots of little resentments that will eventually boil over into a real issue. There is a very simple solution for this problem; make sure you are grateful for the things your spouse does, whether that’s preparing breakfast or buying your favorite snack from the grocery store. Make “please” and “thank you” a common part of your vernacular to show them how much you appreciate him or her.

2. Take Care of Yourself

Marriage CounselingStaying healthy is crucial for long life, and it can also have quite an impact on physical appearance. Accordingly, it’s important not to shirk on self-care, even when work and family obligations seem unrelenting. Along with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, take a few moments each day to style your hair, choose a smart outfit, apply makeup, or whatever makes you feel good. Not only will this boost self-esteem, but it will also show your spouse that you still care about impressing them.

3. Be Careful About What You Say

Managing your words is an integral component of a happy marriage. Certain words can come across as an attack, even if they aren’t intended to be. Rely on “I” language when at all possible, which has a far less accusatory tone. If you’re feeling a certain way and want to talk it over, saying “I feel” is usually far more constructive than saying “You never” or “You always,” which will only serve to make your partner feel under attack.  

Whether you’re in search of individual counseling or are looking for marriage counseling to strengthen the partnership with your spouse, Dr. Joelle Kallio Clinical Psychologist offers her extensive experience to residents of Saint Paul. Call (651) 917-5040 today for more information on scheduling an appointment. For more information on the services offered by this respected psychologist, visit her website today.