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How to Care for Concrete Flooring May 23, 2018

Pierce, Clermont
How to Care for Concrete Flooring, Pierce, Ohio

If tile and wood are classics in the interior design world, concrete has emerged as the up-and-comer in residential properties. While it’s commonly associated with commercial or industrial spaces, this sleek flooring material is now being recognized for its full potential. If your home features concrete flooring, it’s crucial to learn how to protect your investment. Use the following information to make the most of this durable surface with everyday tips and concrete coatings.

Everyday Maintenance

concrete coatingDaily upkeep for concrete flooring is fairly laid-back—all it needs is a bit of sweeping and mopping. However, when you perform these tasks, it’s important to use the right tools. Start by using a microfiber pad to remove dirt and dust particles. While concrete is made using soil, you’ve also likely tracked some in from outside that you should mop up. When mopping, stay away from acidic cleaners like ammonia or bleach—only use pH-neutral solutions like liquid dish detergent or stone cleaners. Using water and this mild solution, clean up spills and stains quickly so that they don’t have time to soak into the floor.

Sealing With a Concrete Coating

While urgency is important when cleaning bare or polished concrete, you can eradicate the stress of emergency mopping sessions by sealing your surfaces with granicrete. This concrete coating can be customized to imitate a variety of other flooring materials. Whether you dream of tile, slate, marble, granite, or stone, granicrete will have all your guests fooled! Plus, this state-of-the-art solution is seamless, maintenance-free, and will allow your concrete floors to resist future stains.


If you’re interested in applying a concrete coating to your floors, countertops, or other surfaces, contact A & B Granicrete Cincinnati today at (513) 233-1805 for more information. If you don’t have concrete, this product can also be applied over wood, tile, and other surfaces. It’s even NSF-approved for food safety and can resist temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. To learn more about this unique overlay, visit the website.

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