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3 Must-Try Kitchen Remodeling Trends May 30, 2018

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3 Must-Try Kitchen Remodeling Trends, Dothan, Alabama

If you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project, you know how many details there are to decipher. From refrigerators to countertops, it’s crucial to coordinate materials and color palettes. Luckily, Walker Construction Company is committed to staying ahead of up-and-coming design trends. Here, they share three kitchen remodeling choices to inspire your vision.

3 Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Kick Your Project Into High Gear

1. Backsplashes That Make Waves 

Whether you’re cooking sizzling strips of bacon or mixing a bowl of brownie batter, it’s important that the areas around you are easy to clean. If your current backsplash is just a continuation of the wall, it’s time to redecorate. Choose bold patterns like subway tiles in green and blue or interlocking tin panels in a golden hue. 

2. Sleek Grey Flooring

kitchen remodelingWhile kitchen flooring must be sanitary and non-porous, it should also complement the rest of your thoughtfully laid-out design scheme. Today’s homeowners are turning to grey when in doubt, and a variety of flooring tiles come in this neutral hue. Opt for sealed cement floor in a chic industrial kitchen, or sleek grey tile for a glossy modern room.

3. Pops of Color in Moderation

While you might have heard of adding “pops of color” to rooms with easily interchangeable items like throw pillows, today’s remodeling enthusiasts encourage a bit more commitment. Accent colors are now being applied to long-term purchases like sinks or cabinets in kitchens. A spring green sink or stately navy cabinetry become bold focal points in kitchens that are otherwise white or grey. However, it’s important to restrict these bold colors to only one or two elements in your kitchen—any more is overkill.

For an expert opinion, hire Walker Construction to head your kitchen remodeling project. This Dothan-based company is proud to be a member of the Home Builders’ Association of Alabama, and they work with everything from plumbing to cabinet installations. Call them today at (334) 790-2706 to get started on your renovation, and visit the website to get answers to frequently asked questions about their services.

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