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Auto Paint Shop Explains the Best Way to Wash Your Car May 28, 2018

Buffalo, Wright
Auto Paint Shop Explains the Best Way to Wash Your Car, Buffalo, Minnesota

Whether you’ve just purchased a new car or want to keep yours looking its best, you need to clean it regularly to protect the paint and finish. While using harsh chemicals might damage the protective coating, other techniques can safely help you achieve a fantastic look. That’s why the experts at Buffalo Collision Repair, the leading auto paint shop in Wright County, MN, offer their advice and guidance. Here, they outline everything you should be doing to protect your car, without sacrificing its finish.

A Guide to Washing Your Car to Protect the Paint & Finish

1. Wash

To clean the vehicle, you should rely on car-specific soaps and water. Avoid using dish soap, glass cleaner, or other home cleaning agents, as these can significantly damage the paint. To dry the vehicle, use a squeegee or silicone water blade that can easily push the water off. Then, soak up any remaining moisture with towels.

2. Apply Sealant

auto paint shopAbout once or twice each year, auto paint shops suggest following up the car wash with the application of sealant. To maximize its effectiveness, you can mix the sealant with a bonding agent. Choose one section of the car and apply it in circular motions. Once the sealant begins to appear hazy, use a dry towel to buff it out with the same circular motion.

3. Use Wax

You should always apply wax about 12 to 24 hours after buffing out the sealant from your vehicle. This provides a second coat of protection that improves the paint’s durability and maximizes coverage of the car. Applying wax to the vehicle will also give it a glossy appearance, which means your car will look as good as new. Once again, apply it in small circular motions and buff it out with a towel once it appears hazy.

By following these steps, you can ensure your vehicle continues to look amazing for years to come. When you need auto body repair or painting services, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Buffalo Collision Repair. Serving the community since 1971, their team of Automotive Service Excellence-certified mechanics can help return your car to its pristine condition. If you have any questions, contact this auto paint shop today by calling (763) 682-3135. You can also learn more about their free loaner cars on their website.

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