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3 Common Methods for Cheating Drug Testing May 22, 2018

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3 Common Methods for Cheating Drug Testing   , Artesia, New Mexico

About one in 10 Americans over the age of 12 uses illicit drugs in any given month. Many drug users suffer from substance addiction, which can take a negative toll on their relationships, careers, and overall health and well-being. To promote a more productive workplace, many employers turn to drug testing. Unfortunately, there will always be individuals who will attempt to cheat such tests. Here are three of the most common ways they will try to do so.

How Do People Attempt to Cheat Drug Testing?

1. Urine Substitution

Some individuals will attempt to cheat the test by utilizing synthetic or drug-free urine, typically purchased online. Since synthetic urine consists of a similar pH and gravity as natural urine, less advanced tests may not detect the minor discrepancies. However, more sophisticated tests can identify issues with synthetic varieties, which may relate to temperature, oxidant levels, or foreign substances.

2. Commercial Product Consumption

drug testingOthers consume commercial products in an attempt to flush their system. Fluids or tablets must be consumed with large quantities of water in order to effectively dilute the urine. However, more advanced tests can still typically detect the presence of drugs after product consumption. 

3. Adulterant Addition

Others will attempt to tamper with the sample after it’s collected. Various chemicals and minerals can potentially eliminate the presence of drugs in urine—especially marijuana. For example, iodine functions as an agent that oxidizes drugs. Fortunately, more stringent testing as well as on-site practices help diminish the risk of post-collection adulteration.


To eliminate the risk of any tampering with the drug testing process, consult a reliable company to conduct the tests. The team from Artesia Drug & Alcohol Screening in Artesia, NM, offers the most advanced equipment combined with trusted practices you can rely on. In addition to drug testing, the business also offers DNA and alcohol lab tests. To learn more about their services, visit the website. You may also call the drug testing facility today at (575) 746-3404.

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