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A Loveland Mechanic Reveals the Top 3 Anti-Lock Brake Issues May 29, 2018

Loveland, Hamilton
A Loveland Mechanic Reveals the Top 3 Anti-Lock Brake Issues, Loveland, Ohio

The anti-lock braking system in your car keeps your wheels in contact with the road. This prevents ceasing rotation, skidding, and hydroplaning. As such, it is an important part of your vehicle. While it’s a helpful system, it can run into a few issues over time. According to Ken Marcotte's Professional Auto Service, a top mechanic in Loveland, OH, there are three main repairs you'll likely face.

3 of the Most Common Anti-Lock Brake Problems

1. Dirty Sensors

One of the most common issues doesn't have to do with the anti-lock brake system at all. In fact, it deals more with the sensors to the system. If they are neglected and not regularly cleaned, they can become coated with dirt, dust, or other debris. If this occurs, the sensor will be far less sensitive, and the braking system will be less effective. Have a mechanic inspect and clean it once annually to prevent this from happening.

2. Damaged Wires

mechanicThe entire braking system relies on a set of wires that run from the sensor to the brakes themselves; if they become damaged in any way, you may experience intermittent or inconsistent results. This can occur through corrosion, leaking brake fluid, or if the hydraulic control unit fails. In this case, the only repair is through a professional auto service.

3. ABS Failure

In some cases, your anti-lock brake system may fail completely. This could be due to neglect, old age, or extensive damage. You can determine if this is the issue by first testing the brake pedal. If it’s unresponsive, this is a sign the entire system is down.

However, you may also notice the brake pads simply require more effort to push. If your brake pedal is normal, keep an eye out for other signs, such as the wheels locking up. If this occurs, your ABS system is likely failing and will need repairs from a mechanic.

If you notice any of these issues, visit a mechanic immediately. Those in Loveland, OH, trust Ken Marcotte's Professional Auto Service. Their highly trained staff specializes in all types of car repairs. From a standard oil change to full car diagnostics, they can handle big and small jobs alike. For more information, visit their website or call (513) 683-7852 today.

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