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Compost Experts on the Benefits Methane as an Energy Source June 18, 2018

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Compost Experts on the Benefits Methane as an Energy Source, Henrietta, New York

When it comes to finding eco-friendly energy sources, the compost experts at WeCare Organics encourage you to consider methane. This greenhouse gas is produced by nature and humans and can be used for various applications. Here, they explain what methane is and the benefits of utilizing it to produce energy.

What Is Methane Gas?

Methane is a greenhouse gas that is generated by decomposing waste and is highly effective at trapping heat. It’s produced by landfills, coal mines, wastewater treatment plants, and other sources. Compost experts say it’s highly beneficial to trap this gas and utilize it to power electrical appliances, replace fossil fuels, or turn it into other energy sources rather than allowing it to escape.

What Are the Benefits of Using Methane?

compostThere are a few benefits to using methane as an energy source. First, since it already occurs in natural and human activities, there is no need to dig for fossil fuels or use other non-renewable resources. Additionally, by converting heat-trapping methane into something else, the effects of climate change may be mitigated. It can produce the same amount of energy as coal and gas, and utilizing it may slow down the negative effects of global warming.

WeCare Organics products are produced with a focus on preserving the environment. This team works diligently to innovate and find more ways to transform waste into renewable energy sources and valuable products. These experts also manufacture organic compost and offer compost and soils sales and marketing.  To learn more about what they do, call them today at (315) 575-4595. To read more about their services, visit them online.

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