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Guide to Landlord's Rights When the Tenant Can't Pay Rent May 22, 2018

South Bend, Pacific
Guide to Landlord's Rights When the Tenant Can't Pay Rent, South Bend, Washington

Landlords face a wide range of different challenges on a weekly basis, from maintenance costs to managing supers and keeping their tenants happy. One of the most difficult situations they can find themselves in, though, is when a tenant can't pay their rent. It's an awkward and even painful situation for all parties, and landlords should know exactly what their options are under such circumstances. Penoyar Law Offices, real estate lawyers in South Bend, WA, explain a landlord's rights when one of their tenants can no longer pay the rent. 

Guide to Landlord's Rights When Tenant Can't Pay Rent

1. Warnings

One of the most critical steps a landlord can take if one of their tenants isn't paying the rent is to give them clear notice that their payment is overdue. This notification can be made by pasting a paper notice on their door and making a call to their home to remind them.  

2. Pay or Quit Notice 

lawyerIf the landlord has delivered a written and verbal warning and several days have gone by without the rent paid, the landlord should then consider beginning the process of official legal action. The first step in this process is known as the "pay or quit notice." This document, delivered to the tenant, should outline exactly how much money is owed and the plans to evict if the amount owed is not paid within a certain time frame. 

3. Eviction Lawyer

If none of the warnings and notices result in the tenant paying their overdue rent, it's time to bring on an eviction attorney and take the tenant to court. Start this process by filing an official complaint in court, and then reach out to a lawyer specializing in landlord-tenant disputes and evictions. While the process could take some time, this is the only way to safely and legally carry through with an eviction. 

The lawyers at Penoyar Law Offices bring over a century of combined experience to the task of real estate and probate law. Whether you need to start considering an eviction or need help guiding a person's estate through probate court, the team at Penoyar Law Offices can make the whole court process quick, smooth, and stress-free. Visit the law office's website to learn more about the firm's services or call (360) 875-5321.