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Review The Facts from the People v. D.E. May 14, 2018

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Review The Facts from the People v. D.E. , Rochester, New York

People v. D.E. (Parma Tn. Ct., 4/18)


Mr. Corletta saved a 60+ year-old client virtually all of the inconveniences associated with a DWI conviction in People v. D.E. (Parma Tn. Ct., 4/18).


          In this case, the client was involved in a minor fender vender in a supermarket parking lot; so minor, the “damage” was almost undetectable. The client exited the vehicle to go into a store. Apparently, someone saw it and called 911. The client was unaware of any contact. A confrontation ensued between the client and an investigating sheriff deputy who was somewhat overzealous, and approached the client in the store, embarrassing the client. The client naturally became defensive and argued with the deputy.


          Several charges were levied against the client, including Driving While Intoxicated, but the Accusatory Instruments were very poorly prepared.


          Mr. Corletta immediately filed a Motion to Dismiss to obtain leverage. As a result of motion practice and the minor “damage” to the other vehicle, which was never even reported to insurance, and not delineated in any police report, Mr. Corletta was able to get all of the original charges withdrawn and dismissed, leaving only the minor traffic violation, which involved a small fine and participation in an Impaired Driver Program. The client further avoided Ignition Interlock and any other potentially severe penalties, which included higher fine, license revocation, etc. The client was very grateful for the outcome as it allowed the client continued driving privileges for necessary medical appointments.

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