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How to Take Care of Trees During Storm Damage Cleanup May 21, 2018

West Hartford, Hartford County
How to Take Care of Trees During Storm Damage Cleanup, West Hartford, Connecticut

Severe weather events make a mess out of the yard. After the disaster is over, you might find your property is covered in leaves and branches and many of your trees have broken limbs. Some will be salvageable while others will need to be removed, according to the professionals at Alton Tree Services in West Hartford, CT. Here, they offer a simple guide to handling storm damage cleanup.

Evaluate the Damage

Before you start any storm damage cleanup, take the time to assess the extent of the issues. Carefully look at the trees on your property. While those with a broken limb or two don’t need to be taken down, any with split trunks should be removed by a professional. Evaluating the damage will also give you an idea of how much cleaning up you’ll need to do.

Enlist Professional Help

storm damage cleanupDue to the dangers associated with scaling a damaged tree, and the expertise required to bring it back to health, it’s always best to turn to an expert if any of the foliage on your property is damaged. A professional arborist can accurately diagnose the issue and offer the proper treatment to restore the tree to its former condition. If any need to be removed, this is also a task they will complete safely; due to the risks involved, homeowners should never try to take down trees themselves.

Prepare for Other Storms

Storm damage cleanup is a time-consuming, expensive task. To prevent yourself from running into issues next time severe weather occurs, take preventive measures, now. Prune the trees on the property regularly, and have a professional look at them annually to ensure they are healthy and not at risk of falling.

If you need help caring for your trees and completing other storm damage cleanup tasks, turn to the professional. Alton Tree Services has been providing various services to homeowners in the Greater Hartford area for over 10 years. These include tree removal and firewood delivery. To speak with a friendly team member, call (860) 236-8027 today. To learn more about their offerings, visit them online.

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