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3 Reasons Every Child Should Know How to Swim May 21, 2018

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3 Reasons Every Child Should Know How to Swim, Eastham, Massachusetts

Sometimes, parents of children who do not grow up around water might wonder whether swimming lessons are necessary. After all, if it’s unlikely for a child to encounter a pool, lake, or ocean any time soon, enrolling them in swimming lessons might seem needless. In reality, however, all kids should know how to swim as early as possible, as it could be a skill that winds up saving their lives. Here’s why the sport is so valuable to early childhood development.

Why You Should Enroll Your Child in Swimming Lessons at a Pool

1. Teaches a Life-Saving Skill

poolSwimming is the only sport which can potentially save your child’s life. Being able to stay afloat after falling into the water is a critical life skill, and it’s one that must be learned. No child should ever go near ice, a boat, or any body of water without learning how to swim, which can significantly limit their exposure to dozens of activities. Being a strong swimmer, on the other hand, provides peace of mind for children and their parents alike.

2. Helps Them Stay Fit

Few sports have as many physical benefits as swimming. It’s a total-body cardiovascular exercise, which means children can boost strength and endurance while practicing it. Because it’s also an aerobic activity, it can help children maintain a healthy weight. Another reason swimming is ideal is because it’s often done in the summer season, when children are out of school, giving them a healthy activity to participate in.   

3. Boosts Their Confidence

Even if your child has not yet encountered a situation where swimming is required, they will certainly experience one sooner or later. The older a child gets without knowing how to swim, the more self-conscious they might feel about not having this basic ability in their skillset. Learning to swim at a young age gives children confidence and can prepare them for a broad range of life experiences, whether it’s hanging out in a pool at a friend’s house or a lake on a camping trip.


If you’re the parent of a child in the Eastham, MA, area and are seeking a pool where they can learn how to swim, look no further than Willy’s World Wellness & Conference Center. Their facility has partnered with the American Red Cross to provide high-quality swimming lessons for beginners of all ages. Learn more about their youth swim classes and private lessons on their website, or call (508) 255-6370 to speak with a friendly representative.

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