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Plumbing Tips for First-Time Home Owners May 22, 2018

Texarkana, Miller
Plumbing Tips for First-Time Home Owners, Texarkana, Arkansas

When it comes to buying and caring for your first home, there are countless factors to keep in mind. Plumbing issues, for instance, can catch you off guard if you’re not prepared. Below are several helpful plumber tips to help you avoid inconvenient and costly plumbing issues in your new home.

4 Plumbing Tips for New Home Owners

1. Find a Good Plumber Before Issues Arise

The best way to ensure your plumbing problems are addressed quickly and efficiently is to take the time to identify a reliable plumber before issues arise. Ask your friends, colleagues, and neighbors for personal recommendations to help narrow down your search. Once you’ve found a plumber you like, write down their information and post it somewhere that’s easily accessible, such as your fridge or a bulletin board.

2. Get Your Plumbing Routinely Inspected

plumberAnother good rule of thumb for maintaining plumbing is to schedule an annual inspection. This is the best way to catch small issues like leaks before they become much more serious. Properly maintaining your water heater, fixtures, and pipes can also help extend their lifespan and keep them working at optimal capacity all year long.

3. Locate Your Main Shutoff Valve

It’s a good idea to ensure you and the other adult members of your household know how to access your plumbing system’s main shutoff valve. In the event of a major leak, flipping this switch quickly can greatly reduce your risk of water damage and reduce potential remediation costs.

4. Make Your Own Emergency Kit

A new homeowner can further prepare themselves for plumbing emergencies by assembling a basic kit. This can include duct and PFTE tape, wrenches of various sizes, a drain snake, and a plunger, as well as a large bucket and towels to collect leaking water and clean up any messes.


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