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Lexington Exterminator Answers 4 FAQ About Wasps May 22, 2018

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Lexington Exterminator Answers 4 FAQ About Wasps, Versailles, Kentucky

Despite their sting and angry buzz, wasps play an important role in the ecosystem; they’re responsible for pollination and predation. However, they’re also a dangerous nuisance, particularly if they start building a nest around your home. Here are the answers to four frequently asked questions homeowners have about wasps, answered by the team at All-Rite Pest Control, an exterminator based in Lexington, KY.

Exterminator Answers 4 FAQ About Wasps

What Are the Differences Between Wasps, Hornets & Bees?

Bees are easy to identify: they’re small and furry, they produce honey, and they’re active all year. However, wasps and hornets are more difficult to tell apart. In general, hornets are larger than wasps, and they have black, white, or brown coloring. Hornets are a subset of wasps not native to North America, and they’re generally more aggressive.

What Does a Wasp Nest Look Like?

Wasps tend to build their nests in inconvenient locations, like under your porch. Depending on the species, the nest and removal methods will vary. For example, paper wasps build open nests that resemble an upside-down umbrella. Yellow jackets build nests that are surrounded by a papery covering, which is actually chewed wood.

exterminatorHow Do I Remove a Wasp Nest?

It’s best to hire an exterminator to remove the nest safely and fully. If you disturb the wasps, they may think you’re attacking their nest. Unlike bees, wasps can sting people multiple times, and their sting is painful. A pest control professional will have the experience and equipment to identify the species and create an effective removal plan.

How Big Can Wasp Nests Grow?

When the queen starts to build the nest, it is generally the size of a walnut and easy to overlook. However, over time, the nest will rapidly grow in size as the number of insects increase. Nests can grow to be as big as a watermelon or larger if left untreated.

While wasps are beneficial, they can also be dangerous. If they’re building a nest near you, you’ll notice increased wasp activity around your home. Reach out to a local exterminator to safely get rid of unwanted visitors and keep your family safe. The team at All-Rite Pest Control offers a range of solutions to keep homes and businesses pest-free. To work with the best exterminator in the area, call (859) 873-1400, or visit them online to learn more about their services.

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