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The Different Types of Pergolas for Your Patio Installation May 24, 2018

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The Different Types of Pergolas for Your Patio Installation, Clearwater, Minnesota

If you’re planning a patio installation, consider getting a pergola. This home feature expands your living space outside and gives it more aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s for lounging, dining, or entertaining guests, pergolas are a home extension that provides an elegant transition from indoors to outdoors. Here are some of the aspects you need to know before building one.  

What Are the Types of Pergolas?

Pergolas vary in terms of style and materials used, but they can also be classified according to the roof design. Traditional pergolas are open-roofed with trellises to let vines grow across. However, many pergolas are either completely or partially covered to protect residents from the sun and rain. They come in two options: gabled or flat-roofed. Gabled pergolas have cladding with two sloping sides coming together at a ridge, while flat-roof or Skillion have slightly leveled roofing.

Why Are They Different From Each Other?

patio installationBecause of its raised design, a gable roof pergola provides better airflow and feels more spacious than one with a flat roof. The sloping sides also reflect more sunlight, unlike a flat-roof pergola that heats up quickly. A Skillion pergola, on the other hand, has a design that is less susceptible to damage from strong wind, making it a better choice for places prone to cyclones and tornadoes.

How Do You Plan the Design?

While there are no hard rules in designing the pergola for a patio installation, think about its purpose, location, and how it can transform your home. Before positioning the pergola and choosing between gabled or flat-roofed, look at where the sun sets and rises and the usual wind direction.

Considering these factors will give you the most functionality from the pergola. Also, check your surroundings; you might need screening for privacy or additional shade. When you choose the materials and colors, consider the style of the home to make the pergola cohesive with the overall design.


Pergolas are beautiful options for a patio installation. If you need one built, turn to the expert team from JK Landscape Construction in Clearwater, MN, to design one for your home. For over 10 years, they have been providing excellent landscaping and hardscaping services in the neighboring communities. Call (320) 558-4445 to request an estimate or visit them online to view their portfolio.

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