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3 Factors That Damage Driveway Paving May 14, 2018

Dutchtown, Rochester
3 Factors That Damage Driveway Paving , Rochester, New York

Your driveway paving is an investment towards the value and aesthetic appeal of your home. Unfortunately, many factors can harm your asphalt and shorten its lifespan. Be mindful of the following risks to avoid detrimental effects to your driveway and contact your local contractor if you’re in need of asphalt repair.

3 Factors That Are Detrimental to Your Driveway Paving

1. Studded Tires

Studded tires are great for residents because they make it safer to drive on icy roads during harsh winters. However, the studs can create a lot of small holes in your driveway paving. Over time, those holes can become large and compromise the structural integrity of your asphalt. Your local contractors can use a pavement repair mix to fix your driveway and apply a seal coat to prevent the studs from making holes.

2. Heavy-Loaded Vehicles 

driveway pavingThe combined weight of large cargo and your vehicle can cause your driveway to buckle or develop ruts. If you frequently carry heavy loads, paving professionals recommend reapplying an overlay to improve protection. You should also use a plywood cover to load and unload your items safely.

3. Moisture Exposure

Water, oil, and other chemical spills are damaging to your driveway paving. Excess moisture can make your asphalt develop bowls — concave areas where your pavement has sunk to a lower level. Water can pool in these areas and seep into your driveway, deteriorating the asphalt binder and causing it to crumble. Seal coatings keep water and other chemicals from penetrating the asphalt surface. They can even protect against harmful ultraviolet rays and road salt.


Keep your driveway paving in great condition for years to come with the help from Manel Sealers, in Rochester, NY. They provide exceptional asphalt repair and maintenance services for local community driveways, parking lots, and more. Their team of professional pavers is licensed, bonded, and insured specialists who work with you to make sure all your seal coating needs are met to your satisfaction. Learn more about their available services online or call (585) 865-7325 for additional information.

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