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HVAC Service Pros Explain How to Make Your Home an Allergy-Free Zone May 21, 2018

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HVAC Service Pros Explain How to Make Your Home an Allergy-Free Zone, Coweta, Oklahoma

Spring and summer bring warm temperatures and sunny weather — but it can also cause a lot of trouble for those with seasonal allergies. As the HVAC service team at Bowman Heating & Air in Coweta, OK, explains, a few simple steps will enable you to turn your home into a safe haven from pollen and other irritants.

Proper HVAC Maintenance

HVAC serviceA key part of preventing allergy problems in the home is ensuring that your HVAC systems are in good working condition. Air conditioner maintenance tasks — such as cleaning the air vents and replacing the air filter — can go a long way in preventing the buildup of dust and other contaminants. 

When pollen and other irritants are allowed to build up in these areas, they don’t just sit inside the air vents. The nature of your air conditioner causes the dust to be continuously cycled through the air. Taking care of necessary HVAC service will ensure that your air conditioner doesn’t contribute to allergies; it will also help lower your utility costs.

Keeping Pollen Outside

Caring for your HVAC system isn’t the only way you can keep your home allergen-free. Washing your hands and changing your clothes after coming in from outside can go a long way in keeping pollen and other irritants from getting indoors. If you have pets that spend time outdoors, clean off their fur before they come inside. While this level of cleaning may require some extra time and effort, it can ultimately prevent pollen from being circulated by your HVAC system.

Do you need help keeping your air conditioner in good shape this summer? With the help of the HVAC service team at Bowman Heating & Air, you and your family can stay comfortable no matter what the pollen conditions are outside. To learn more about how this heat and air company can help you, visit them online or call (918) 486-2861.

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