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Top 3 Outdoor Power Equipment Options You Should Have for Spring May 23, 2018

Homer, Kenai Peninsula
Top 3 Outdoor Power Equipment Options You Should Have for Spring, Homer, Alaska

As the yard comes to life this spring, you need the tools and equipment, such as lawn mowers and tillers, to help it reach its full potential. The property will look more inviting and you won’t have to deal with weeds, pests, and other nuisances. Here, the yard equipment team at All Seasons Honda & Peninsula Ski-Doo in Homer, AK, share three machines you should have for the warmer weather.

The Best Outdoor Power Equipment for Spring

1. Lawn Mowers

Push-type lawn mowers can make all the difference for the yard. Grass grows quickly, so it’s important to have an effective lawn mower on hand. Honda® has a variety of options including ones with a five-year warranty, premium residential engine, and a Twin Blade MicroCut System. In addition, all their models have at least six height adjustments and a 21-inch cutting width for more efficiency.

2. Trimmers

While the mower can tackle most of the lawn, there are some spots that it can’t reach, such as at the edge of the yard or around structures. A trimmer removes weeds and shortens the grass in those areas. Honda has both a lightweight trimmer and a heavy-duty one. Both come with a two-year residential warranty and a one-year commercial warranty along with an ultra quiet line type and a 17-inch cutting width.

3. Tillers

A tiller turns and aerates the soil so plants get oxygen and nutrients to grow. Honda has tillers in a variety of sizes and with multiple tilling widths. Their smallest one has an easy-starting mini 4-stroke engine with a tilling width of nine inches. For larger gardens, they have a commercial grade construction tiller with a width of 20 inches and multiple transmission speeds.

Is it time to upgrade your outdoor power equipment? All Seasons Honda & Peninsula Ski-Doo in Homer has been selling and servicing Honda equipment for over 30 years. In addition to lawn mowers, they also have high-quality and durable ATVs, snowmobiles, and outboards. They offer both low prices and exceptional customer service. Call (907) 235-8532 to learn more about their equipment and visit their website to view their inventory.

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