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Christian Summer Camp Explains How They Approach Faith With Children Who Have Autism May 22, 2018

Bowie, Montague
Christian Summer Camp Explains How They Approach Faith With Children Who Have Autism, Bowie, Texas

Charis Hills Camp is a special place for children on the Autism Spectrum.  These children are very often concrete thinkers.  Our American “Christainese” is confusing to them.  Phrases like, “invite Jesus into your heart” or “covered in the blood” are frightening and not well understood to this wonderful group of children.  And yet, understanding that they have a place in God’s plan and vision is important to them being able to accept themselves as they are and understand that all people are created by God, but not all are created the same.  Being able to accept their difference is critical to self esteem, self confidence, and future success. 


By breaking the language down to understandable components, the staff at Charis Hills are able to provide an experience in Biblical growth where children can understand His grace and acceptance.  Sharing that understanding with other children with similar circumstance, learning to make friends, and participating together in fun activities that force positive contact with other people makes a truly remarkable experience.


The program at Charis Hills is designed to reinforce positive behavior.  By rewarding behaviors that are desired and ignoring the negative, children learn quickly that positive actions are better than the negative.  This camp bends the program to the child, not the child to the program.  A favorite saying for staff is that we “drum to the beat of a different marcher!”  While offering many traditional camp activities Charis staff are also able to adapt and design activities and behavior programs for specific purposes.  


Located on Hwy 287 midway between Ft. Worth and Wichita Falls the rolling hills and large oaks lend themselves to children feeling like they are far away from the hustle of the normal life in the city.  Finding themselves in a setting with horses, cattle, rabbits, chickens, and an occasional alpaca, children from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and truly, world wide, come to find a welcoming place to spend a week or so during the summer.  This Bible camp is non-denominational.  We are dedicated to presenting Christ to children in an understandable and fun way so that the true message of grace and acceptance is understood.  Call (940) 964-2145 or check out the web site at for more information.