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A Beginner’s Guide to Building Proper Bowling Form May 21, 2018

Flushing, Queens
A Beginner’s Guide to Building Proper Bowling Form, Queens, New York

If you are a novice bowler, improve your game by learning the techniques for playing the game correctly. While bowling any way you want can be fun, it won’t do much to improve your score. If you are looking to change all of that, the guide below will teach you some basic forms to make you a better player.


The very first thing you want to learn when bowling is how to hold the ball correctly. For most people, this is the conventional grip, which involves placing your middle and ring fingers in the side-by-side holes and your thumb in the last hole. Holding the ball this way will provide you with the most control and reduce the likelihood of an accident.


bowling Flushing NYWhen you approach the lane, cradle the ball in your free hand for the best support, then begin lining up your throw. Your steps, final foot placement, and swing will all impact where the ball goes. However, there are also foot markers in place before the foul line to help you line up the shot. Practice with different positions to figure out what works best for you, but always remember to keep your eye focused on the target while doing this to better understand how each change in movement affects where the ball ends up.


Not only do your movements impact how the ball travels down the lane, but also how you release the ball and follow through with the throw. Beginners are more likely to find success by straightening your bowling wrist and keeping your hand out straight as you swing the ball out and back. As you bring it forward, start rotating your wrist, hand, and fingers toward the opposite side of your body. Release the ball when it is lined up with your ankle, and finish with your now empty hand in a handshake position (thumb up and palm facing the inside of the lane).


Now that you have brushed up on some of the basic bowling techniques, the next thing to do to improve your game is to practice. Head to Whitestone Bowling Lanes, in Flushing, NY, to try out your new tips. They have 48 lanes to accommodate professionals and novices alike. Visit this bowling center’s website or call them today at (718) 353-6300 to learn more about their rates and packages as well as their party planning services.

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