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3 Reasons to Hire an Attorney When Buying or Selling Property  May 21, 2018

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3 Reasons to Hire an Attorney When Buying or Selling Property , Walden, New York

It’s easy to justify hiring a criminal defense lawyer when facing charges or a family law professional when navigating divorce proceedings because so much is at stake. However, many don’t realize the risks involved when buying or selling property and why it’s wise to hire someone to protect their interests. An experienced agent will help you find or sell a house, but a real estate attorney will navigate the complex process, settle disputes, and avoid making costly mistakes.

Why Enlist a Real Estate Attorney?

1. The Proceedings Are Complicated

First-time buyers—and sellers—should hire a lawyer to help them complete the transaction because there are a lot of moving parts. Even if you have researched the process extensively, going through it is far different from reading about it. A seasoned attorney will mitigate potential issues, prevent lengthy delays, and follow up with all relevant parties while protecting your best interests along the way.

2. A Dispute Is Likely to Arise 

real estate attorneyYou can expect at least one problem to come up at some point during the transaction—if you’re lucky. In most cases, multiple disputes arise: For example, which appliances are included or disagreements over the general terms of the purchase and sales agreement. Unfortunately, more complicated problems like those regarding the title are fairly common and call for expert guidance from a real estate attorney. 

3. A Small Mistake Could Cause Big Problems 

Whether buying or selling a home, an attorney will review every document line by line. In so doing, they ensure the terms and conditions of each agreement are in your favor and allow the opportunity to negotiate if they are not. When hundreds of thousands of dollars—or more—are at stake, even a minor oversight could have major repercussions. Instead of scrambling to fix the consequences that result from errors, a lawyer will prevent them from happening in the first place. 


If you need a real estate attorney in New York, turn to the Ozman Law Offices. Based in Walden, this full-service firm offers comprehensive counsel in a variety of practice areas and quality guidance throughout property closings and deals. Visit their website to learn more about the legal services they provide, from criminal defense to family law. To schedule an initial consultation with an experienced professional, call (845) 778-777 today. 

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