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3 Essential Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Law Attorney May 16, 2018

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3 Essential Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Law Attorney, Shelton, Connecticut

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments most people make, and it often involves many complexities. Having an attorney who is experienced in real estate law ensures you have the expert guidance you need to make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes. If you’re looking to purchase property, here are just a few reasons why you’d benefit from legal counsel.

The Benefits of Enlisting a Seasoned Lawyer

1. Advise About Tenancy & Eviction Issues

Purchasing a house with an attached rental unit is an attractive option, as it can help you pay the mortgage. However, it’s difficult to renovate the space and increase the rent if there’s already a tenant living there. If that person signed a long-term lease and doesn’t plan on moving soon, an attorney will suggest ways to negotiate with them.

2. Review Legal Documents

real estate lawThe amount of paperwork involved in purchasing a home is overwhelming. Those who are unfamiliar with the process tend to skim over the text, missing important sections or exclusions. A real estate law attorney will carefully review all the legal documents and ensure they are lawful and reflect your best interests. If they find anything concerning, such as unforeseen fees, they will bring them to your attention immediately. 

3. Reduce the Likelihood of a Deal Falling Through

When you have your heart set on buying a home, it can be devastating if the deal falls through. A real estate law attorney will help mitigate that risk. For instance, if an unexpected issue arises during the process, like a foundation problem or bank appraisal issues, they will inform you of the best course of action to take and help resolve it.


If you want to buy a home, consult with a seasoned attorney at David G. Volman Attorney at Law LLC. The practice has been serving the residents of Shelton, CT, since 1987 and is well-versed in real estate law. The team listens to their clients’ needs and offers quality counsel and representation to protect their best interests. To schedule a consultation, call (203)-989-7771 today, or visit the website for more information about their background and expertise in this practice area.

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