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5 Warning Signs of Suicidal Teens July 18, 2018

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5 Warning Signs of Suicidal Teens, Ash Flat, Arkansas

No parent ever wants to imagine their child thinking about suicide. However, if your teen is displaying what counselors consider common signs in young people, it is vital to seek immediate, professional help. Families Inc. has 11 locations throughout the state of Arkansas to serve you. Below, they list some red flags to look for and how to receive mental health services. 

Counselor Shares What to Look for in a Suicidal Teen

1. Talking About Suicide Ash Flat Counselor

According to the Jason Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to youth suicide prevention, four out of five teens give clear warnings before making a suicide attempt. One of the most troubling but reliable signs is talking about taking their lives. If your loved one is preoccupied with death or ways they will kill themselves, see a mental health therapist. If your child appears unstable or is in a crisis situation, call 911. 

2. Worsening Depression 

While school and peer pressure can be difficult on young people, chronic sadness and hopelessness are always abnormal in teens. If your child’s depression begins to worsen, seek professional help. A quick intervention will allow a therapist or psychiatrist to support them and treat their symptoms. 

3. Risky Behavior 

If your straight-A student or helpful teen is acting out of character, make an appointment for mental health services. Risky or self-destructive actions such as reckless driving, promiscuous sex, or drug use may indicate a deeper problem. Whether your kid is suicidal or not, indentifying the cause of their behavior will determine how to improve their emotional wellness. 

4. Loss of Interest

If your teen no longer wants to participate in sports or spend time with friends, they may be depressed or suicidal. Be honest about what you are observing. Talk to them about the changes you are noticing and let them know you are there to help. They may open up to you about what they are feeling. 

5. Selling Possessions

Some teens planning suicide sell their possessions or give them away. If you notice your child’s favorite items missing, have a conversation with a counselor. Setting one’s affairs in order is a common sign of suicidal thoughts in both young people and adults. 

While mental health problems in teens can be scary, a professional from Families Inc. will guide you and your loved one through the therapy and treatment process. To talk to a counselor and begin your family’s journey to wellness, call their toll free appointment line at (877) 595-8869. For information about their outpatient and school-based mental health services, visit their website

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