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Auto Shop Reveals 3 Common Issues With Your AC May 31, 2018

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Auto Shop Reveals 3 Common Issues With Your AC, Columbia, Missouri

With the arrival of summer, it's time to start using your vehicle's air conditioning once again. However, many drivers run into one issue or even multiple problems throughout the season. According to Auto-Tech of Columbia, an elite auto shop in Columbia, OH, there are three main complications that most cars will experience.

Common Vehicle AC Issues

1. Clogged Condenser

auto shopWhen refrigerant vapors leave the compressor, they are cooled off by the condenser. However, this part can only be accomplished if it’s free of dirt and debris. When it becomes too dirty or clogged up, you'll notice your air significantly warmer than preferred. An auto shop can quickly and affordably fix this issue by deep cleaning the system. The use of a flushing agent is the best way to ensure an effective clean without leaving a film behind.

2. Unpleasant Smells

When the AC is turned on, you expect a refreshing breeze—you rarely expect to intake a load of unpleasant smells. If this happens to you, though, it has nothing to do with the cleanliness of the vehicle. In fact, it is often caused by an overload of fungi or bacteria in the system. These microorganisms can easily grow within your vehicle, as it’s a dark, damp, and often warm environment. Have a technician flush your system to kill off any germs and alleviate the smell.

3. Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant in your air conditioner is what cools the air. As such, when it’s low, the air coming from your vents will be warmer than expected. On average, refrigerant levels reduce by approximately 15% every year. In some cases, a leak may cause it to reduce at a faster pace. Having a mechanic refill your refrigerant at the start of every summer season will ensure a cool, comfortable ride.

When it comes to your vehicle's air conditioner, these are the most common issues that will arise. To fix any of them, simply visit Auto-Tech of Columbia. Based in Columbia, MO, this auto shop has over 15 years of experience working on various jobs. From tuneups and engine repair to general vehicle maintenance, their trained staff guarantees satisfaction. For more information, visit the website or call (573) 874-9690 to speak with someone directly. 

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