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How Ornamental Plaster Is Preserved May 18, 2018

Pleasant Run, Colerain
How Ornamental Plaster Is Preserved, Colerain, Ohio

Ornamental plaster is a substance used to create walls and moldings. A skilled hand can create delicate and intricate detail within this material, and it is often found in 19th and 20th century residential and commercial buildings. Artisans used the material to create medallions, cornices, and coffered ceilings. To maintain the integrity of these features, it is important to understand how ornamental plaster is preserved.

Ornamental Plaster Preservation

Old plastered buildings are a piece of living history. Because of this, they should be well taken care of to ensure their survival. To preserve the ornamental plaster features, it is imperative that water and moisture are kept out of the building. Liquid, even in small amounts from condensation, can quickly deteriorate this material. Maintain the roof and gutters to ensure rainwater does not leak through. Avoid sealers or synthetic sidings as well. These additives often trap moisture and can cause an increase in humidity.

ornamental plasterOrnamental Plaster Repair

In some cases, cracks, chips, or deterioration can occur. If this happens to you, invest in a plaster patching kit. These include plaster mixtures that will effectively seal away small blemishes. Make repairs as soon as possible to prolong the lifespan of the entire piece. If the damage occurs within the ceiling, you will need to use anchor screws. A plaster repair contractor will be able to reattach the fallen pieces with this technique. They are also capable of creating molds for extensive damage. If a large chunk is missing, they can pour a new piece to fit what's been lost.


Preserving ornamental plaster requires a skilled hand. If you need a professional's help, rely on Old World Plastering Inc. Located in Cincinnati, OH, this plastering contractor has years of experience working on historic preservation projects. The owner is guaranteed to be on-site with every job, and your satisfaction is guaranteed whether you require statue restoration or plaster repair. For more information, visit their website or call (513) 481-1122 today.

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