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4 FAQ About Child Custody in Wisconsin May 18, 2018

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4 FAQ About Child Custody in Wisconsin, Spooner, Wisconsin


Child custody issues are confusing and emotionally overwhelming, especially with the prevalence of misinformation you might receive from family and friends. Understanding how custody decisions are made and your rights under Wisconsin law will help ensure the best possible outcome for your case. Below are answers to some common questions parents often have about custody cases.

Your Child Custody Questions Answered

How do courts make child custody decisions?

As with most other states, Wisconsin law requires judges to base their decisions on the best interests of the child. Courts weigh a variety of factors when making this determination, including the strength of a child’s existing relationships, any history of drug abuse or family violence, and each parent’s ability to provide a suitable home.

What is the difference between legal and physical custody?

child custodyLegal custody is a parent’s right to make health care, educational, and religious upbringing decisions on behalf of their children, while physical custody refers to a child’s living arrangements. In most cases, a court will preserve one parent’s legal custody rights even if the other is granted sole physical custody.

Will I have to pay child support if we have shared custody?

If you and the other parent evenly share time with your children, child support may not be required. However, if either parent primarily takes care of the children, the other will likely be ordered to pay child support.

Can I stop paying child support if the other parent refuses visitation?

Every child has a right to the financial resources of both parents, regardless of visitation issues. If the other parent refuses to adhere to the custody order, paying child support on time will put you in a stronger position if you have to go back to court.


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