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3 Tips for Getting Your Boat or RV Out of Vehicle Storage May 18, 2018

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3 Tips for Getting Your Boat or RV Out of Vehicle Storage, Bad Rock-Columbia Heights, Montana

Placing your boat or RV in a vehicle storage throughout the winter is a wonderful way to ensure it doesn’t suffer from harmful weatherization. However, this downtime will still require you to take some time to get it in order before putting it back to use. Here are a few tips you can use after pulling your boat or camper out of its storage space.

What to Do After Removing Your Boat or RV From Vehicle Storage

1. Perform an Inspection

After removing the special cover you used to protect your boat or RV during the winter, you’ll need to closely inspect the vehicle for any damage. This should include looking for any dents or cracks in the fiberglass, ensuring the screws and bolts are securely fitted, and checking out the hoses, belts, and cables in the engine for softness or breakage. You will also need to recharge the batteries after pulling it out of the vehicle storage. Furthermore, check the propeller on the boat for any bending or warping that could affect its ability to work when it hits the water.

2. Clean the Exterior

vehicle storage Kalispell Whitefish Columbia Falls MTOnce you’ve inspected the key working parts of your camper or boat, it’s time to wash and prepare it for use. A long scrub brush can come in handy for freeing the vehicles from dirt, grime, or salt. After you’ve cleaned away the debris, apply a fresh layer of wax; this will protect the surfaces from ultraviolet ray damage. If you’re cleaning an RV, go over the tires and wheels for any signs of weatherization.

3. Complete Basic Maintenance

Before you take your boat out on the open water or your RV on the road, you need to perform some basic maintenance. This should include tasks like changing the oil, testing the lights, and making sure the electronics are in proper working order. You’ll also want to test the appliances and ensure first aid and safety devices are in place.


Whether you need seasonal or long-term RV or boat storage, Windmill Storage and Business Park has locations in Kalispell, Whitefish, and Columbia Falls, MT, to accommodate you. You’ll have the choice of over 750 storage units and 45 climate-controlled spaces with high-quality security. For more information about their vehicle storage, visit them online, or speak to a representative today by calling (406) 892-8900.

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