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Which Tile Option Is Best for a Small Bathroom? June 19, 2018

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Which Tile Option Is Best for a Small Bathroom?, Anchorage, Alaska

Thanks to its fantastic water resistance, porcelain tile is a popular choice for remodeling your bathroom. However, it’s not the only option when you have a small bathroom. As the team at Rino’s Tile & Stone in Anchorage, AK, explains, porcelain tile and other materials can make your bathroom look great and feel bigger than it actually is.

Top 3 Tile Options for Small Bathrooms

1. Porcelain

porcelain tileDurable, versatile, and resistant to stains, porcelain tile is one of the most popular bathroom flooring options. To help a small bathroom look bigger, go with lighter colors, which create an illusion of space. Choosing light-colored tiles or intermingling white and dark as part of the flooring design will help the room feel more open and inviting.

2. Natural Stone

Natural stone flooring is another excellent option for small bathrooms, particularly if you’re going for an upscale look. Scratch-resistant and very durable, it can last for many years. Another advantage of natural stone is its typically larger size, which can go a long way toward helping your bathroom feel bigger. Because you need fewer tiles to cover the floor, you’ll subsequently have fewer grout lines, which ultimately has the most impact on creating an illusion of space.

3. Marble

Marble’s shiny and smooth texture doesn’t just provide a more luxurious style to your room, but it can also make a small bathroom feel much more spacious. With its moisture-resistant properties, the marble will stand up well to your bathroom environment. Placing these tiles in a diagonal pattern can also help trick the eyes into thinking the bathroom is bigger.

With light coloring and unique tile placement, your bathroom can look much more spacious. Whether you need porcelain tile for your bathroom or a countertop installation in the kitchen, you can trust Rino’s Tile & Stone to provide superior materials and workmanship. Whether you’re remodeling or planning a completely new construction project, they’ll use their expertise to help you get the best-looking result. To learn more about their custom countertops and other projects, visit them online or call (907) 743-1075 today.

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