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Jeff Wyler Nissan of Cincinnati is proud to be the highest online rated Nissan dealership in greater Cincinnati and all of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. You can trust the Nissan Reviews of our highly satisfied customers, our service is second to none, and we welcome you to join the Jeff Wyler family. As an Ohio Nissan dealership, we are committed to making the extra effort to provide the best price, selection, and customer service to our shoppers in Cincinnati, Dayton, Hamilton, and northern KY.

4 Tips to Follow When Buying a New Car July 20, 2018

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
4 Tips to Follow When Buying a New Car, Cincinnati, Ohio

You might have the need for a new car and the financial means to buy one, but you might not know how to go through with the purchase. Whether this is your first time buying a car or not, there are certain ways to make the process more manageable and ensure you receive the best price for your dream car. Below are four tips to follow when you’re ready for a new vehicle.

Follow These Tips When Purchasing a New Car

1. Research Beforehand

Use auto authorities, such as new carKelley Blue Book®, Autotrader®, and Consumer Reports®, to narrow down your search and find information about your prospective vehicles, like reliability and safety ratings. If you’re looking at new cars, focus on the invoice price of the car, which is the amount the car dealership paid for it. If you’re looking at used cars, find out what the resale prices are. This research will be helpful when you negotiate the price.

2. Focus on the Purchase Price Over Monthly Payments

It’s easy to get caught up in lowering the monthly payments for your car instead of focusing on the purchase price. However, this mindset can force you into a long-term loan that can be more expensive when you factor in the interest accumulated. In addition, ask the salesperson what other fees, such as registration costs and delivery fees, are involved with the car.

3. Take It for a Test Drive

A test drive is the only way you know how the car handles. Listen for strange noises as you start the engine. When the car is idling, look for any blindspots and thoroughly check the accelerator and brakes. In addition, turn on the headlights, turn signals, and various controls including the air conditioning, heat, and radio. As you’re test driving, simulate the environment as you would have it every day. For example, move your seat into the right position and change the interior temperature.

4. Consider Insurance Costs

Insurance costs vary depending on the make and model. For example, certain cars have higher resale values and are more susceptible to being stolen, which means they’re more costly to insure. Get quotes from an insurance company before purchasing your prospective new car. Don’t forget to add those insurance premiums to the monthly cost of owning a car since it can affect your overall budget.


Are you searching for a new car? Jeff Wyler Nissan of Cincinnati is one of the highest online-rated Nissan® car dealerships in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Part of the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family of dealerships, their team has become known for their exceptional customer satisfaction and providing a wide array of reliable and quality Nissan vehicles. Whether you need a new SUV or a used sedan, they offer new car specials every month to get you the best price. They also have an experienced Nissan repair department to offer top-of-the-line maintenance. Give them a call at (513) 385-1400 or visit their website to view their new and used vehicles for sale. You can also connect with their team on Facebook.

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