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Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks for Your Home's Siding May 21, 2018

Kew Gardens, Queens
Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks for Your Home's Siding , Queens, New York

For most homeowners, spring signals the need for a complete deep clean for their home. If you fall into this category, there may be one important feature you forget: your siding. Taking the time to thoroughly clean and inspect your home's exterior will help you achieve optimal curb appeal and even save you money in the long run. Before you put your spring cleaning list away for the year, follow the siding maintenance tips listed below.

3 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Siding in Excellent Shape

1. Inspect for Damage

The first post-winter step every homeowner should take is inspecting the exterior of their home for damage. The lack of outdoor activities during the cooler months makes it easy to overlook siding issues, so this is your opportunity to locate problems before they develop into larger, more costly issues. Look for signs of loose shingles, especially around the base of your home, as well as chips or cracks in the exterior material. For metal variations, keep an eye out for developing rust spots.

2. Trim Away Landscaping

sidingOne of the most valuable steps to keep your siding in pristine shape is trimming trees and shrubs located near the side of your home. Even if they're not physically touching the exterior wall yet, it's easier to prune before the plants are fully bloomed. Cut back foliage until there's at least a six-inch gap between each plant and the house.

3. Wash Away Winter Residue

Wood, vinyl, and metal siding are all incredibly durable, but they require occasional cleaning. Power washing is typically the best way to remove any dirt, grime, and mildew that's accumulated over winter. If you have wood or metal siding, this is also the time to apply a water-resistant seal or a fresh coat of paint, if needed.

Regular maintenance will ensure your siding stays in excellent condition for years to come. If damage occurs, turn to the professionals at JC Roofing & Siding in Fresh Meadows, NY, for quick, reliable repairs. Since 1970, the roofing contractor has built a reputation for high-quality work at affordable rates throughout the New York City area. From home improvement projects to roof repairs, learn more about their specialties by visiting the website or calling (718) 261-1891.

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