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The Differences Between Stainless Steel & Aluminum May 21, 2018

Wood, Wright
The Differences Between Stainless Steel & Aluminum, Wood, Missouri

Stainless steel and aluminum are popular metal options in a variety of industries. From building materials to food storage, each offers unique benefits. But, the situation will determine whether one is more appropriate. To sort through the differences, here are the benefits of each and how they differ from each other.

Stainless Steel

Because stainless steel contains chromium and is also a non-porous metal, it is highly resistant to corrosion. This durability makes it a tough, strong metal and not as easy to form as softer types. When it comes to welding, however, stainless steel is a top choice; it can withstand high temperatures with ease. For heat and electrical conductivity, it also ranks much lower than other metals.

It is used in many appliances, especially for the kitchen. This is because it is less reactive with foods, making it a good choice as a cooking and storing surface for edible items and liquids. In its raw form, it is available in a variety of shapes such as sheets and rectangular bars.


steelTypically more affordable than stainless steel, aluminum is lighter weight and softer, making it easier to cut and manipulate. For these reasons, it is often used in the aviation industry for planes and jets.

It is available in sheets, plates, bars, and rolls, and has excellent heat and electrical conductivity, making it a top choice for radiators, air conditioning systems, power lines, and more. However, it does not do well with welding and becomes too soft when heated to more than 400-degrees Fahrenheit. 

When it comes to corrosion and oxidation, aluminum is fairly resistant unless the substance it makes contact with consists of a high acid or base level. Because of this interaction, aluminum may react to certain foods, causing a change in color and flavor.


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