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Lower the Thermostat: How Evaporator Coils Cool Your Home May 17, 2018

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Lower the Thermostat: How Evaporator Coils Cool Your Home, Chelan, Washington

As spring rolls into summer and the weather warms up, your air conditioner will be used more often to keep your home cool. There is one part of this system that does most of the heavy lifting: the evaporator coil. This vital component of your heating and cooling system goes to work every time you turn down your thermostat to provide cold air for your home.

How It Works

ThermostatYour evaporator coil is a narrow pipe, which runs back and forth through your air conditioner’s heat exchanger area. It is installed inside your home, where warm air indoors can run over it. Inside the coil is refrigerant, which is used to move heat through the system. As the air moves over the coil, the refrigerant absorbs heat and evaporates, leaving the air chilled. The evaporated refrigerant is then transferred to the condenser coil in the outdoor portion of your system, where it’s compressed and forced to bleed off heat before circulating indoors once again.

The Principles in Play

The reason your evaporator and compressor coils can change the temperature of the air has to do with the way the refrigerant—or any fluid—behaves when it’s pressurized. The more tightly packed the refrigerant molecules are, the higher their temperature gets, and the lower the pressure gets, the more the temperature drops. Furthermore, heat always tends to travel from a warm area to a cool area.

By creating low pressure conditions in the evaporator coil, the refrigerant becomes colder than the indoor air, causing the warmth of the air to transfer to the refrigerant. Then, when the refrigerant is moved outside, it is compressed until it’s hotter than the outdoor air, and the heat seeps out of the coil into the atmosphere. This manipulation of pressure is what allows you to set your thermostat lower than the air temperature outside.


By understanding how your HVAC equipment works, you can spot a problem quicker, which calls for furnace or air conditioner maintenance. When you need help, contact Cascade Mechanical in Chelan, WA. Their fast, effective maintenance and repair services will keep your thermostat at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, so you can stay worry-free. To schedule a visit, call (800) 682-5923 or visit them online.

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