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What Homeowners Should Know About Oil Tank Removal May 18, 2018

Greenpoint, Brooklyn
What Homeowners Should Know About Oil Tank Removal, Brooklyn, New York

Several homes and businesses have fuel storage tanks installed where they keep oil to heat the property. Although they have life spans of about 10 to 15 years, some units wear out faster or develop leaks due to either faulty installation or improper piping system. According to RK Rubbish Removal & Second Hand Dealer in Brooklyn, NY, oil tank removal may be necessary if this happens. Here are a few details you need to know before disposal.

Your Guide to Oil Tank Removal Service

What Causes Oil Tanks to Fail?

Fuel storage tanks are installed under or above ground on properties without a centralized source. Typically made of metal, these tanks have internal linings to help prevent corrosion and damage. Several factors can cause tank failure, including severe weather, rust, mechanical damage, improper piping, and corrosive or acidic soil.

Why Does It Need to Be Removed?

Oil tanks are removed due to malfunction, government regulations, environmental concerns, or safety hazards. Some municipalities require tank removal prior to selling a property. However, the most pressing reason for its removal is a leak, since this often results in environmental contamination and expensive cleanup costs, depending on the tank’s location. Some companies can test for leaks through soil samples and tank pressure. But if you notice oil in the water or loss of vegetation around the tank, have it replaced immediately.

How Much Does Oil Tank Removal Cost?

oil tank removalRemoving an underground oil tank will set you back a few thousand dollars since it requires excavation and identification of pipes to avoid tampering or further damage. For above ground tanks, expect to pay a few hundred dollars for removal. But keep in mind that the cost of restoring the surrounding environment from a leak could be quite significant, so it’s vital to take action quickly once you spot a problem.

Oil tank removal is a complex process best left in the hands of professionals. If you need a reliable crew, turn to RK Rubbish Removal & Second Hand Dealer. Based in Long Island, they offer junk removal services for homes and businesses. They have over 25 years of experience, from apartment cleaning to demolition, including responsible junk removal. Call (347) 915-8840 or visit them online to view their extensive list of services.