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3 Tips to Make Business Relocation Less Stressful May 17, 2018

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3 Tips to Make Business Relocation Less Stressful, Puyallup, Washington

Although there are plenty of steps involved in moving to a new house, the commercial moving process can come with even more balls to juggle. Apart from planning the logistics of the move, it’s also important to ensure business operations stay on track while everyone settles into the new space. Luckily, there are a few simple steps everyone on the team can follow to ensure minimal disruptions leading up to the move. 

3 Commercial Moving Tips to Aid Your Business Relocation

1. Don’t Wait to Alert the Team

If you own the company or manage daily operations, alert the team of your plans to move as soon as the lease is secured on the new office space. With ample notice, employees won’t have to rush to power down equipment, gather files, and box personal possessions. If there are procrastinators in the group, encourage everyone to pack a few items each day when they have downtime. This will ensure everyone gets the job done without taking time away from their work.  

commercial-moving2. Create a Committee to Manage the Move

Although employees should be responsible for certain items, it’s still a good idea to assign a committee to oversee the commercial moving process. Assign managers from each department one or two tasks. The list of responsibilities should include notifying clients and suppliers of the relocation, reaching out to telecommunications providers for equipment installation in the new space, and taking inventory of electronics and office furniture before movers put them on the truck.   

3. Hire Professionals 

Regardless of whether you’re moving the possessions of a two-person workforce or taking every item out of a sprawling office complex, you should hire commercial moving specialists to assist with business relocation. Leaving the job to employees could have financial or legal consequences if someone gets hurt during the job.  


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